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Sawing and drilling

Sawing sections

To our and your disposal we have 3 computercontrolled saws with a capacity of:

90°: 1.130 × 500mm (wxh)
+/- 45°: 725 × 500mm (wxh)
- 30: 470× 500mm (wxh)

Maximum length: 22 meter

Drilling sections

Owning 2 computercontrolled sawing and drilling lines we can saw the sections to the required length and add the required holes (3 sided) in one turn.

Small sections or box beams can be sawed and drilled completely automatically as well as sections with a maximum length of 22 meters.

Except for Sections we can also process large plates on our drilling machines.

The maximum sections that can be drilled by us are:
1.000 × 2.500 × 75 mm. (w x l x h)


On all our machines we can drill holes with a diameter up to 40 mm.