Officebuilding Atrad Hertel

Client: Hertel B.V.

Architect: RoosRos Architecten

Engineer: IMd Raadgevende ingenieurs (link)

Building Method: “Slimbouwen” van Prof.Dr.Ir. J.J.N. (Jos) Lichtenberg

Slim Bouwen is about resetting the building process. It is a guiding vision on building and building systems. How it can be done differently and better.

Scope Dijkstaal:

For this project we have provided the complete construction. We have constructively optimized the design. We also did the channel plates and the roof and facade cladding for this construction.

The steel construction consists of the supply and installation of 80 tons of steel, including or supplemented with:

• THQ beams (hat beams)
• HQ beams (pet beams)
• 130m² gratings that can be walked on (galvanized and 2-layer powder coated)
• Cantilevered canopy made of UNP (galvanized and 2-layer powder coated)

• Supply and installation of hollow core slabs:
o 1,100m² hollow core slabs 200mm thick
o 120m² hollow core slabs 320mm thick

• Delivery and installation of all roof and facade cladding:
o 1,600m² roof (158R/750 P3L-S, 0.75m thick)
o 1.100m² facade (Type TL 135.1020 resp. WB100.1000 ML and equipped with Prisma coatin


Photography: Lucas van der Wee