Modular Steel Truss Bridge, Liberia

Architect & Structural Engineer: Dijkstaal

Client: DENYS NV

End User: Liberia Water and Sewer Authority

Country: Republic of Liberia


Scope of work:

The design, engineering, production and delivery of a 92 meter long modular steel truss bridge for the transport of water in Liberia.

This includes the bearings, pipe supports, grids, fasteners, etc. The bridge has 3 spans. The entire construction is hot-dip galvanized according to NEN-EN-ISO 1461-99

The parts are prepared by us for transport in the client's containers. The bridge was assembled on site by the client.

In "Bouwen met Staal" of August 2021 an article was written about this project. 

Here you can find the Testimonial by DENYS.