Bridges Kenya

Architect & Structural Engineer: Dijkstaal

Land: Kenya

Client: KeNHA (Kenya National Highways Authority)

Project: 500 meter Modular Steel Truss Bridge 

Scope of Work of Dijkstaal: 

Design, engineering, production and supply including sea transport,  training and supervision of the erection of 500m1 modular steel truss bridges. These bridges can be put together in 9 different configurations with free spans from 25m to 50m (increasing with sections of 3.125m) with the same components and materials.

Role Dijkstaal: Main contractor

Scope of works: design and delivery of the bridge parts, decks, crash barriers, bearings, slatted floors, fasteners, installation manual, etc. The entire construction is hot dip galvanized in accordance with NEN-EN-ISO 1461-99.

Execution period: 2015-2018

Subsidy: 100% | World Bank