94 Bridges Ghana

Architect: Dijkstaal

Structural Engineer: SBC, subcontractor of Dijkstaal

Country: Republic of Ghana

Client: Ministry of Roads and Transport, Ghana; Dept. of Feeder RoadsĀ 

Project: 94 units / 2.4 km of Single Lane Vehicle Bridges (Modular Steel Truss Bridge)

Scope of Work Dijkstaal: design, engineering, fabrication en supply including seatransport and erection training and supervision on 94 units of Single Lane Vehicle bridges (modular steel truss bridge) for usage in rural areas. Free spans from 15m to 70m (ascending with bays of 5 lm), with a total length of 2.4 km.

Role Dijkstaal: Main contractor

Scope: design and supply: bridge, deck-units, guard rails, bearings, gratings, fasteners, gabions, geotextile, etc. Fully galvanized according to NEN-EN-ISO 1461-99

Execution Period: 2005-2009

Loan: 65% | Rabobank International (link)
Grant: 35% |ORET (former Dutch Grant Facility, managed by PwC/FMO) (link to FMO)

Certificate of Completion