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Dijkstaal has modern computer-controlled machinery. These machines use the data from the 3D engineeringsoftware to execute the required saw cuts, drilling holes, punching holes and shearing length, as well as marking and sribing.


This machine enables us to saw the sections to the required size and provide them the requested holepattern. This line allows us to drill on 3 sides in one run.


Brand: Voortman V630/VB1050

Maximum capacity
90° 1.130 × 500mm (wxh)
+/- 45° 725 × 500mm (wxh)
- 30 470 × 500mm (wxh)
Length: 22m
Drilldiameter: 40mm

Punch/shearing/thread-tapping and drilling-line

On this machine we produce coupling-plates and windbracings from angle and flat steel. With this machine we can punch holes in both legs of the angle steel.


Brand: Voortman V550-6
Max. capacity for flat steel: 500×25mm
Max. capacity for angle steell: 200×200×16mm
Max. punchdiameter: 30mm
Max. drilldiameter: 40mm
Max. diameter thread tapping: M30

Cambering machine

On this machine we are able to provide beams with a camber. For massive sections a camber is neccesary to compensate its own weight. It can also be used to provide the roofgirder with a slope.


Brand: Buigtechniek P-800 A
Max. profile: HEA 800 or IPE 600

Overhead cranes

Our factory is equipped with 10 overhead cranes, allowing us to manufacture even the heaviest steel structures.

4 cranes with a capacity of 6,3 metric tonnes
4 cranes with a capacity of 2 times 6,3 metric tonnes
2 cranes with a capacity of 5 metric tonnes