About Dijkstaal

We're proud to say we are good at what we do. Our Factory Production Control Manual contains the procedures that ensure we can deliver the right quality. This manual is the basis on which we've obtained our EN 1090-1 certification. 

We're also set on doing what we do in a safe manner. That's why we chose to comply to the VCA 2017/6.0 standards. 

Furthermore, we find it important to introduce young people to our field of work. 

VCA **

We are set on doing things in a safe manner. 

12 July 2012 we have obtained the VCA** certificate. This means that we put in extra effort over legal obligations such as the Risk Inventory and Evaluation (RIE) and inspecting our work equipment. We provide toolbox meetings 10 times a year, we carry out monthly workplace inspections and employees  have at least a VCA-Basic certificate and the operational managers are in the possession of VCA-VOL certificates.

We also have a program to improve Safety, Health and Environmental awareness.


EN 1090-1

Since July 1st 2014, every construction that falls under the norm must have a CE marking. The CE marking applies to steel structures for buildings, bridges, towers, masts, silos including purlins, landing floors, plating and all forms of girders.

The execution class (in short: EXC) determines the level of finish, quality assurance and inspection and testing. The EXC class therefore has a major influence on the production process and therefore also on the price.

Click here for a simple explanation of the different EXC classes.

EN 1090-1

ISO 3834-2

When working under the NEN-EN 1090-2 standard, you must also be able to demonstrate that you meet the quality requirements of ISO 3834-2.

The ISO 3834-2 contains a quality assurance system for welding. This standard sets requirements for the technical assessment of the welding, such as the welding method qualification, requirements for the welders, inspections and non-destructive testing (NDT).

The standard also covers outsourcing, inspection and testing personnel, maintenance and inspection of welding equipment, traceability and how deviations are identified and followed up.

The welding consumables, the storage of materials, heat treatment and the welding itself are also assessed for the welding.

ISO 3834-2