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Modular steel truss bridges



A solid infrastructure is essential for the development of rural areas. Because of their economic design, our modular steel truss bridges are particulary suitable for areas where functionality is the main priority.

Our design consists of a minimum number of interchangeable light weight components for easy manufacturing, transportation, site handling and erection.

Although our bridge our designed for permanent usage, it is also fit for emergency usage.

The interchangeable components can be kept in storage and adapted to the specific site after the event of a flood or earthquake.

After succesfull execution of an extensive project in Ghana, we have been able to make improvements to the design, making it even more efficient.

This has resulted in a new project of 500 meter modular steel truss bridge materials in Kenya, East-Africa financed by World Bank.

Dijkstaal International has developed a revolutionary way of bridging every gap!


We can deliver You:

- Modular Steel Truss Bridges, “Warren Truss”-type | also called Portable Steel Bridges
- Footbridges with revolutionary deck-system
- Foldable Steel Bridges (please contact us for more details about this!)

The bridges we deliver, are engineered according British Standards and/or AASHTO-loads as You wish!

All components are hot dip galvanized according to BS or NEN-EN-ISO 1461-99


- The bridges are designed for permanent usage and have a positive camber under dead load conditions allowing minimal deflection.

- The engineering of the bridges is efficient and competitive using high strength steel and meeting the specified loading requirements.

- Smart engineering and the optimal strength-use of the chosen profiles enables to minimise the use of excessive steel.

- The bridges consist of a minimum number of interchangeable lightweight parts for easy manufacturing, transportation, site handling and erection.

- The use of bolted connections maximise the fatigue life of the bridges.

- Production of the bridges will take place in our modern facility and will be done our skilled personnel using high-tech machines enabling compliance with the highest standards.

- The computer controlled part of the production process can be monitored by the client by webcams.

- Members and fasteners used are hot dipped galvanised according to the BS EN ISO 1461-99 standard for a long lifecircle.

- All members will be hard stamped with an erection mark for simple site identification.

- The bridges are suitable for both steel and concrete decks.

- The Cantilever method for erection, which is the most cost effective pro-cedure, can be applied as a lot of bridge parts can be used temporarily in the erection tail.

- Through the use of interchangeable components bridge parts can be kept in storage and adapted to specific sites in case of emergencies.


The Design criteria are:

- Eurocode 3/1995.
- Dutch Rules for design of Steel Bridges( VOSB-nen1008)
- AASHTO HS 20-44
- International Standards.

Fatique life: The bridges have been designed for 2,000,000 cycles of truck-loading.

Environment: The bridges are suitable for the following environments:
- Temperature: - 20 degrees Celsius up to + 50 degrees Celsius
- Humidity: up to 98%.
- Rainfall: up to 400 mm per annum.
- Wind: up to 240 km per hour.
- Earth quake: Co-efficient of 0.08g for lateral loading.

Reference projects related to modular steel truss bridges You can find in our projects overview.


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