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Dijkstaal is CE-certified up to EXC. 3!

NEN-EN ISO 1090-2
Dijkstaal is NEN-EN ISO 1090-2 certified up to EXC 3.
Acting in accordance with this standard enables us to demonstrate our compliance with quality and safety requirements. In the Start-up stage of the project a Technical Evaluation is made to ensure all technical requirements of the client can be met.
With our Factory Production Control the quality of the design, purchase, storage, welding, surface treatment and traceability of the steelwork can be guaranteed.
Our certification allows us to present our steelwork with a CE- mark. This mark is a legal requirement since July 1st 2014 for all structural steel parts.

ISO 3834-2
Dijkstaal is not only NEN-EN ISO 1090-2 certified but also ISO 3834-2 certified. This last standard covers all welding activities.
We have several Welding Procedure Qualification Records for the use of various welding processes, our welders are personally certified and inspections as well as nondestructive research is done.
For more information about our welding procedures, please contract our Welding coordinator, Ate de Groot, IWC-S ( or +31(0)10 – 599 33 86).

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In addition to our 135+ years of experience, we also posess the needed certificates so You as our client are assured of a high quality product!